Fat Bike #1 @DCL Lion’s Club Park

On January 22, riders from around the region gathered to kick-off the first-ever Garrett County Fat Bike Ride Series at the McHenry Lion’s Club Park. The weather was cold (a low of -7 degrees Fahrenheit) but that set us up for a base of over 8” of snow on the groomed course. This intermediate ride had some hills, some climbs, some roots, some quick descents, some rocks, and a lot of fun!

Top Finishers!

“SHORT” course (3 miles)

  • Top Male: David Weaver – 35:41:01
  • Top Female: Carol Everhart – 1:13:05

“LONG” course (9 miles)

  • Top Male: Joseph Fraas – 1:08:08
  • Top Female: Sharon Seling – 1:49:20

“THREE x THREE” (as many three-mile laps as possible in three-hour time limit)

  • Top Male: Shawn Romano – 5 laps