>>>>>>> PAST EVENT <<<<<<

Global Fat Bike Day – December 4, 2021

The event will be happening at the Lake house at Herrington Manor State Park.
The event will start at 11 am and will go until 4 pm.

The park has offered us their fat fat bikes to use that day for free on a first come first serve for those who decide to pop in last minute. ORRRRR!!! If you want to reserve a bike you can call or text 240-321-9925 to have a bike waiting for you.

They also have kids fat bikes. The bikes will be available from 11 AM until 2:30 PM to take them on a trail ride. Any donations toward the park would be appreciated. The money will go toward the up keep of their fat bikes.

You can use them until 4 pm but you will need to be heading out on the trail by 2:30 pm.

We will have a little skills course at 12pm just to get everyone use to how to shift and brake and adjust the seat heights before the beginner ride.

We will have a beginner guided trail ride at 12:30 pm that will be for beginners and those that want to try Fat Biking. This will be a very Casual ride with stops on the trail when needed.

Do not worry about your speed or fitness we will take breaks when needed.

We would like to get a group picture with the Fat Bikes on the road that crosses the lake by the Lake house at 12:30 pm.

Everyone must wear a helmet!! Everyone using the Fat bikes from the Park will need to sign a waiver!!

Dress for the weather, It is too far out to know what the weather is going to be but, dress for whatever the day has to offer. You want to dress in layers because you will most likely feel the cold when standing around but once you get riding you will warm up quick. Make sure you bring gloves and if needed bring some hand and foot warmers. Wool socks work really well.

The lake house has bathrooms and will be heated.

We are still working on the details so there will be more info coming.

Garrett County is having a Global event WHOOT WHOOT!!

Now think Snow!!! 






Herrington Manor State Park